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Manoharan is a serial entrepreneur with rich experience in launching various brands.  He helps businesses to achieve their goals through growth hacking, digital marketing, and management consulting.

He has invested 26+ years into sales & marketing management, management consulting, growth hacking, digital marketing, digital transformation solutions, coaching, and organisation development. 

He draws strength from the numerous rapid experiments that he has conducted with thoroughly thought-out designs.

During his tenure at Reliance Capital Asset Management as Head Learning & Development and Talent Pool Management, the organisation bagged awards like 'Award for Excellence in Training' (Employer Branding Awards 2010-11 and 11-12), Learning & Talent Initiative Excellence (Star News Awards 2011-12) and 'Outstanding Contribution to the Cause of Learning' (Asian L&D Leadership Awards - Dubai) amongst various others.


Our satisfied clients are our biggest assets! 

Biju Verghese

"Mano studied our online presence and gave us a full review of how to enhance our presence through various activities including SEO, video etc."

Dr. Uday Lajmi

"Very happy to associate Prashna Performance Consulting LLP with our leadership development program."

Dr. Sapna Purohit

"Manoharan's has a very mature approach to coaching." 




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Change Management

Change management is a process that helps organisations deal with organisational change. Change management is about making sure that everyone understands what is happening, why things are changing, who is responsible for the changes, how to do their jobs, and who should be consulted when decisions need to be made.

Organisation Development Consultancy

An organisation development consultant helps organisations improve how they do things, usually through consulting skills and process improvement techniques. The ODC is responsible for assisting senior management in developing strategic plans and implementing them effectively. In addition, they help managers at all levels understand their company's strategies and business processes.

Talent Pool Management

Talent Pool Management refers to an entire set of tools and processes through which employers recruit, hire, develop, coach and retain top talent. These activities include strategies for recruiting new potential candidates via job boards and recruitment agencies, screening applicants, managing interviews, evaluating resumes and other documents, and developing qualified employees into leaders.

Competency Mapping

Competency mapping is a process of identifying competencies needed to perform specific tasks. The purpose of competency mapping is to create a framework for evaluating the skills and knowledge necessary for an individual to succeed in a particular role. The process includes researching the market requirements and identifying the critical skill sets needed for the job, then matching these against the person's qualifications. Competency mapping enables employers to determine whether they need to develop new skill sets or train existing staff.

Manager Development

Manager development programs help employees to learn how to become better managers. The program includes learning about behavioural preferences of self and others, communication skills, decision making, conflict resolution etc. A good manager must motivate their team members, communicate effectively, and lead by example. The best way for a manager to develop themself is through mentorship programs.

Assessment Centre Consulting

Assessment centres help identify candidates for promotion and recruit candidates for job openings. Assessment Centres help HR professionals analyse employee data for best practices and trends. The assessment centre information can then be used to create better programs and policies based on your company's unique needs. By using assessment centres, you can gain insight into how well each department is performing and what they need to do to become more efficient. An assessment centre also allows you to identify gaps in training, skills, and knowledge and provide feedback to help the employee grow professionally.

Learning And Development Consultancy

Learning and development in human resources management refer to any process where people learn new skills, perform specific duties or become more effective at completing tasks they already know. Learning and development in HRM may involve training for existing staff or developing new processes and programs. Learning and development in human resource management are essential because it helps to reduce turnover by improving job satisfaction and employee retention.

Leadership Development

Leadership development is the process of developing leaders who create positive change for organisations. Leaders help their followers achieve goals, which allows the organisation to grow. Leaders should be able to inspire others and motivate them toward new ideas. When leaders lead effectively, they are seen as role models.
Leaders who have been trained in leadership development programs understand how to motivate others, set clear expectations for themselves and others, develop their skills, know when to delegate responsibility, and learn how to be effective at encouraging others.

Elearning Consultant

The benefits of eLearning include training for staff who require constant training, low investment costs and improved productivity. Elearning also offers flexibility, allowing learners to complete training at their own pace, at any time of the day or night. It allows employees to train when they have spare time and reduce staff downtime.

Performance Management

Performance management aims to analyse employee performance and motivate them through feedback, which encourages them to perform better at work. Performance management should be used periodically throughout an employee's tenure because the results of one evaluation may not necessarily reflect the same results for another evaluation.
HR performance management is vital for any company because employee performance affects profitability and job security. The goal of any HR department should be to ensure that all employees receive equal opportunities to succeed. This includes developing new skills and participating in continuous learning programs. HR departments also need to create a positive work environment where everyone feels appreciated and valued.

HR Policy Consulting

Writing a comprehensive HR policy is essential for organisations that do not want to end up facing issues like discrimination lawsuits, wrongful termination claims, and other similar situations. The HR department should be involved in all aspects of employee relations, such as recruitment, hiring, training, performance management, disciplinary actions, promotion, termination, leave policies, etc.

Business Development Strategy Consulting

A business development strategy is a plan designed to help grow your company by finding new growth opportunities. This might include starting up a new business unit, developing strategic alliances, or selling off parts of your business. Your business development strategy should be based on what you want to do next, rather than simply reacting to circumstances.
A business development strategy is a set of plans and activities designed to help a company attract new customers, increase revenue, and grow market share. A typical plan includes identifying potential partners, developing a sales process, planning how much money to spend each month, and preparing for negotiations.

HR Consulting

Human resources consulting is a service offered to businesses looking for solutions to human resource issues ranging from recruitment and hiring to training and compensation. HR consultants help employers by advising them on how to best handle current issues and future concerns and offer potential ideas for improving employee satisfaction or productivity.
Organisations hire HR consultants to help them solve problems they face with respect to employee issues such as labour laws, hiring practices, training programs, performance appraisals, compensation plans, etc. In addition, the consultancy firm acts as a facilitator between the company and employees, who helps them understand what to do and why. HR consultants also provide recommendations for improving processes and suggest new ways to structure business models.

HR Business Partner

A human resources business partner acts as an internal consultant for the company's Human Resources department. The goal of a human resources business partner is to help make the best decisions about how to provide better service to clients and employees. This includes helping with recruiting, training, benefits administration, payroll, compensation, and other human-resource-related needs.

Behavioural Coaching

Behavioural coaching is about changing habits and behaviour by understanding what motivates us and learning new skills. The behavioural coach helps clients understand why they do things the way they do and where they want to go in life. This approach is all about helping people reach their goals faster instead of focusing on fixing their mistakes.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is a one-on-one mentoring relationship between a coach and a client to help them reach their goals. The coach helps the client develop skills for achieving his/her objectives. This includes professional development, career planning, goal setting, motivation, leadership, personal improvement, communication skills, stress management, conflict resolution, etc.

Life Coaching

Life coaching helps individuals build skills for living life fully and positively. Your coach supports you in achieving your goals and dreams and being successful at work, home, and in relationships. The coach guides you through a process of self-discovery, where you identify what you want to change about yourself. This process enables you to grow and develop new skills, values, beliefs, and attitudes. As you learn from the positive and negative experiences, you create a clearer vision of whom you want to become. And, ultimately, you create a blueprint for achieving these goals. A personalised plan will help you to understand how to move forward.

Business Coaching

A business coach helps entrepreneurs grow businesses. They help entrepreneurs create a vision for their business, build strategies to reach goals, develop leadership skills, and gain confidence to succeed. Business coaches also help entrepreneurs set up systems and processes to increase efficiency.
A business coaching session focuses on understanding your business goals, how you can achieve them, and how you can work together to create a prosperous future for your business. A business coach helps the clients define clear objectives, identify the best strategies for achieving those goals, prepare for change, and adapt to new circumstances.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching is a process for developing leaders who possess strong character traits, such as self-awareness, integrity, and resilience. The best coaches focus more on helping people become better leaders rather than offering advice about what they should do. Instead of just telling them what to do, they teach people how to be accountable for decisions.
Leadership coaching helps employees become better leaders by working on empathy, motivation, self-awareness, communication, conflict resolution, organisational leadership, and team management. A leader coach helps others lead more effectively by working through specific challenges they face and teaching them how to be better leaders.

Performance Coaching

Performance coaching is when someone coaches another person through a process to achieve a goal. The coach can help the client to become aware of their strengths and weaknesses and then provides advice and strategies for overcoming obstacles. Performance coaching allows the person receiving the coaching to be able to set goals that they believe they can accomplish. Through performance coaching, individuals learn to better themselves and succeed in life.

Team Coaching

A team coaching session is a meeting with a coach where we discuss how we work together, our strengths and weaknesses, and what we need to do differently to achieve our goals. We explore ways to improve communication between us to be more productive at work. Team coaches help teams increase performance, productivity and morale.

CEO Coaching

CEO coaching is a process for understanding what's going on inside the head of the CEO so they can be successful at work. The coach helps the CEO become aware of how their thoughts affect them at work. For example, when the CEO thinks about quitting her job, she should know why she feels that way. This information gives the CEO a chance to change how they handle stressful situations at work.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is all about using digital technology to connect with customers and prospects -- whether they're individuals or businesses. The field encompasses search engine optimisation, email marketing, website development, display advertising, mobile apps, video production, conversion tracking, social media marketing, influencer marketing, paid marketing, etc. All of these tactics are employed by marketers across the globe, though not all strategies work for everyone all of the time. And new channels emerge faster than ever, meaning staying ahead of the game requires continuous planning and testing.

Search Engine Optimisation Consultant

SEO stands for search engine optimisation, which is a way to increase traffic to your website. The idea behind this strategy is that Google wants websites that are useful and provide quality information to be ranked higher in searches than those that do not. SEO allows users to find what they're looking for quickly and easily without having to wade through pages of irrelevant results.
SEO is about building backlinks to your site. Backlinking means posting links to other sites from yours to increase your website's rankings for specific keywords. The process takes a lot of time and effort, which is why it is vital to hire someone who can do it for you when you first start out. There are several ways to build links, such as guest blogging, article writing, submitting articles to directories, etc.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the process of sending emails to market to prospects and existing customers to promote business and generate sales leads. The goal of email marketing is to drive direct revenue quickly through lead generation techniques. In addition, email marketing provides an efficient way to target your ideal customer base and nurture them into becoming loyal future buyers.

Online Advertising

Online advertising is a powerful way for businesses to reach potential customers by using the internet. For example, when someone types 'apparel' into their search engine, they may be shown ads for a variety of different products. This form of marketing allows businesses to keep up with consumers' ever-changing buying behaviours and preferences. The term "online advertising" includes search engine optimisation, display advertising, email marketing, video advertisements, social media ads, and mobile ad campaigns. Online advertising provides businesses with another method to communicate to their target market.

Growth Hacking

Growth hacking is a practice to harness software applications and offline strategies that increase revenue or growth in the least possible time without spending much on resources. The process involves quickly using data analytics to discover new ideas for growth. As a result, growth hacking allows the company to be nimble and grow business rapidly while keeping costs down. Companies like Dropbox are great examples of companies that use growth hacking techniques to scale from a small team to hundreds of millions of users.

Growth Marketing Consulting

Growth marketing involves using a variety of tactics to attract new users, increase engagement, and turn visitors into customers. Growth marketing focuses on getting traffic through channels like search engines, SEO, PPC, email newsletters, YouTube ads, etc. Growth marketing allows businesses to grow quickly while keeping costs down and avoiding scaling issues.

Corporate Videos Production

Corporate videos are video files that are used for both corporate presentations and training purposes. They allow businesses to create and share training materials and present their company's brand through visual materials. In addition, these videos help companies reach out to target audiences and create awareness about their business.

Promo Videos

A promo video is a short commercial video that introduces your product or service. The goal of a promo video is to create awareness about your business and entice potential customers. The promotional video market is booming nowadays, especially after big internet companies such as Google and Facebook started using them to promote their products.

Animation Videos 

An animation video is a short film made from digital images and animations which can be played repeatedly. Most animated videos contain text, numbers, graphs, charts, or other visual elements combined into a storyline. Animated films can be used for promoting a product, showing why something is important, teaching kids about a topic, explaining how a company works, or simply entertaining. You can use animated videos for marketing your business or website.

Software Consulting

Software consulting is similar to software development. However, instead of developing applications for computers, consultants work with clients to develop solutions for business problems. This is typically done through custom software developments, including anything from database systems, mobile apps, or cloud computing solutions. While hiring a software consultant might be cheaper, knowing what you want to achieve with your project is essential.

Web Application Development

A web application is a software program designed for use on the World Wide Web. Unlike web pages such as Facebook or Twitter, which display static information, applications are interactive and provide specific functions. The best example is Gmail, which is a web application allowing users to keep track of all email messages. Other examples include Google Docs, Amazon, and Netflix.

Mobile App Development

A mobile app is a software application designed for smartphones and tablet computers. Unlike web pages, apps can access information from your phone's internal memory and connect directly to other devices such as GPS systems and Bluetooth speakers. The main benefit of using an app is that they work offline, so no internet connection is needed to run them. Today, almost all apps are free to download, and many offer additional features when users purchase premium upgrades.

Digital Transformation Consulting

Digital transformation is when companies use data science to transform how they work internally to benefit customers. Data scientists use new technology to create innovative solutions that solve business problems. These innovations help businesses develop customer strategies, identify opportunities based on big data, predict future trends, optimise processes, and drive growth and efficiency. Businesses that embrace digital transformation stand out from competitors and build competitive advantage through innovation, creativity, and collaboration.